Efikton® IASD-B3 Platform is an Integrating Platform for Agile Software Development, which allows the development, execution and distribution of Business Processes and Dynamic Business Applications. Most business applications are too inflexible to keep pace with continuous requirements from the business they support over the time. The Dynamic Business Applications emphasize to the close alignment with business processes and work (design for people) but equally important to the adaptability of the business changes (build for change).

With Efikton® a company becomes autonomous to extend the functionality of existing information systems, to develop new Applications as well as to integrate and control the flow of information across the Extended Enterprise Value Chain.

To respect the Agile Software Development (ASD), is not only to follow the project management methods described in ASD. It is necessary to have the tools for actual development in an iterative way, starting from a simple concept and growing to the desired level of the Final User, in a collaborative way. It must also have the flexibility to easily extend the functionality at any moment.

Efikton® follows the Service Oriented Architecture principles so any Application is broken down in simple interconnected services.  Any Service developed with Efikton® is build using nearly more than two hundreds preexisting “genes” which provide the Service functionality.

The developer by enabling or configuring these “genes” gives functionality to the Service. This can be done in a gradual way, any time, even when the Application is in full use, without disturbing the Application User. As a result of this methodology:

  • Efikton® Applications are complete Open
  • Efikton® Applications are codeless in their greatest part.
  • Many Developers can work in the Same Application, even in the same part of the functionality of the application
  • Applications are developed faster.
  • Having the advantage of prototype’s quick delivery, the discussion between the developers and the Application Owners becomes easy and productive.
  • Allows persons without specialized knowledge about Programming to participate in the Application Development.

Efikton is an ideal Platform for Companies and Developers with the following needs:

  • Want to arrive to a prototype fast
  • Applications where the exact functionality cannot be described exactly during the time of development
  • Need for continuous, iterative development, even after the installation of an Application
  • Need for Open Applications
  • Has limited Programming Resources
  • Need for Collaboration between the Application Developer and the company’s experts knowing the necessary functionality of the Application.
  • Need for nearly self-documented Application
  • Need of extensive integration with other information systems (ERPs, production, inventory, quality systems etc.)