DIASFALISIS Ltd faces Cash Flow Management as an issue that needs to be solved at the corporate level (enterprise wide). In this direction, it has developed the application of Cash Flow Management, briefly called CFM.
CFM is part of a wider application addressed to the Management of enterprises under the heading Management Dynamics. The other two applications are: Operational Planning and Industrial Costing (OPIC) and Early-Warning Management (EWM).
CFM is connected with the central information system of the enterprise to obtain the necessary data. It allows work and access by all involved departments (Management, Financial, Sales, Purchasing, Personnel) depending on their role. But more importantly, it allows for COOPERATION between them, through a system of providing information and order placing directly from one section to another.
CFM is designed to fully cover the needs of a small company to the complicated requirements of a large group with many companies and many Business Units.

The main features of this application are:

  • The company's annual financial planning.
  • Solution to the problem of deferred registration, since it can take into account scheduled payments or receipts before they even exist or the corresponding documents have been registered. CFM creates a virtual environment, which captures the future evolution of payments and receipts.
  • Solution to the problem of deferred information, due to the fact that all the departments that manage information relating to the liquidity are on-online and all information is readily available to others e.g. a cheque that is not covered, a customer’s payment delay, as well a late payment by the company is readily available to interested parties.
  • Possibility of operation in local currency or different currencies and consolidating all information in one currency.
  • Feature of summarized and directly comprehensible information to the management
  • Central management of day-to-day operation screen (CFM War Room) at the disposal of the controller of Cash Flow, from where every obligation and every collection are controlled and planned, all orders are activated and directed to the interested parties. In a few words, it is the central point regarding the daily work of Cash Flow Management, as well the communication with all parties involved from every department within the enterprise.
  • In CFM time is not confined to the narrow limits of one financial year, but is deemed to be continuous.
  • Existence of notifications (Alarms) for every possible problem in cash available, many months before it occurs, but also direct alarms for daily affairs.
  • Monitoring of delays in all proceeds and payments, with important statistics about emerging trends, but also for the cost of these delays to the company.
  • Monitoring of receivable and payable balances each to every legal entity.