Diasfalisis has developed a new generation of IT-Solution and consultancy methodologies, called Early Warning Management (EWM). The objective of the EWM, is by examining a very big number of parameters to alert the Managers that something (like Sales) which up to now seems normal (normality) has entered in a deterioration path, or something which is in bad condition (decline) has entered an improvement path and to follow the trajectory of this path. First important set of this methodology is the Sales of any organization. In summary EWM is able to:

When in normality:

  1. Detect incoming threats which can cause sales to decline, or create problems with the customers
  2. Detect incoming opportunities, which, if properly exploited, can lead to better sales outcome, improved relations with the customers and great competitive advantage.

    When in decline:
  3. Detect conditions which can prove that the policies which have been adopted could lead to improvements of sales
  4. Detect that is getting out of the decline or crisis period.

    In all situations:
  5. Establish a unique control point for all information, and procedures, transparent to the management, which will allow a better organization of the Sales and Marketing.
  6. Support the decision making process and any action plan for a threat or an opportunity.

EWM can be used to analyze the whole Organization, or independently used for some Business Units or some product families.


The Solution

The methods, procedures and functionalities which allow the detection during the incubation period and the neutralization of incoming threats are called Early Warnings Management (EWM) and constitute an enormous knowledge extension for the organization.
To be able to implement an Early Warnings Management methodology the following prerequisites are necessary:

  • Focus attention to certain factors or certain changes
  • Detect incubation of threats at the earliest time possible
  • Communicate fast to the Decision Levels
  • Assess the qualitative and the quantitative characteristics of the threat
  • Understand the available resources and the resilience of the organization.
  • Be Prepared to manage such cases and  able to decide fast