In the race between greater performance and agility to the customer demands, companies need an innovative approach as far as their decision support systems. The accurate and on-line information from the shop-floor to the top-floor, the cooperation between production and sales departments, the dynamic and rule-based Planning, the integrated and automated business processes and the continuous evolution to the changing business needs become of imperative importance.

The Dynamic Business Solutions help Manufacturers to gain the competitive advantage because they support fast and scalable development, they do not “ignore” the already installed information systems, they are related to people roles and business goals and they are built for change.

DIASFALISIS offers Efikton® SOA B3 Platform and dynamic business solutions for Manufacturers.
Efikton® Solutions start from the shop floor (Online Monitoring) and reach to dynamic Planning of multiple production units, the Quality Management, Supply Chain Collaboration and Innovation Management.

Our team carries twenty years of experience in information systems for the manufacturing supply chain and has successfully accomplished numerous worldwide implementations.