Innovation is of vital importance for the survival and grow of European Companies in the today global and competitive world. Year 2009 is declared as the year of European Innovation Initiative and it is obvious that  European companies need to close the “innovation performance gap”.

Innovation is the process of identifying  unmet needs and  fulfilling them  with new products, services and procedures. This effort leads to a new style of organization, with great competitive advantages.

Despite the obvious need for innovation, companies find it difficult to organize and manage this complicated process, which involves all company’s departments  but also Customers, Suppliers and other Partners.

Efikton® Innovation Management is here to make it easy.

Efikton® Innovation Management offers a complete Collaborative Innovation Management framework, which supports the implementation of all Innovation Steps.

Designed after 4 years of research and development within the AVALON Project (one of the major European Projects in the Innovation Management of a network of companies), and based on the open  Efikton® SOA-B3 Platform, Efikton® Innovation Management offers unique features and benefits.